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The opening ceremony of the Institute of Health Food Industry of Xinghua Agricul

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On the morning of April 10, the opening ceremony and food industry forum of Xinghua Health Food Industry Research Institute of Agricultural University of China were held in Xinghua Food quality Inspection Center.
Sun Qixin, President, Agricultural University of China; Hu Xiaosong, President,School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, Agricultural University of China; Chen Wei, vice - president,Jiangnan University; Hu Qiuhui, President, School of Food Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics;Secretary Li Weiguo of the Xinghua Municipal Party Committee and its relevant leaders attended the event.
The establishment of the Institute of Health Food Industry of Xinghua of China Agricultural University, is conducive to the expansion and strengthening of the healthy food industry in Xinghua City, and providing solid support of the development of technology research and development, product testing, international exchanges, talent training,normative management and other aspects for Xinghua healthy food enterprises.